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Online Submissions Open: February 1st, 2020

Deadline for Submission: June 1st, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Summary (abstract) for the upcoming Conference Belgrade Breast Meeting should contain the most important information about your research. It must be written in English language by using clear, concise sentences. Avoid the use of foreign words and abbreviations.
Use program MS Office Word, font Times New Roman size 12, spacing 1.5 and Justify alignment for writing abstracts.
Parts that summary should include are: title, name of the author and co-authors, name of the institution (s) and the places where work is done and the text of the abstract.
The title should contain a maximum of 12 words or 100 characters and should correspond to the content of the work. It also should be centered and bolded. Do not underline and do not put the point in the end.
Authorship should correspond to the actual contribution to the scientific work. The first author is usually the person who wrote the article, and the names of co-authors should be arranged on their contribution. Authors affiliations: department, institution, city, state, country should be marked in a way that makes it possible to see which author belongs to which institution.
Text of abstract should contain up to 300 words and should adequately be ordered in the following structure:
Introduction: (bolded) ... In the introduction, write one or two sentences that show the importance of the studied scientific problem (text should not be bolded!)
Objective: (bolded) ... Clearly state the main aim of the research and other significant additional targets if necessary (text should not be bolded!)
Materials and methods: (bolded) ... Indicate the subjects (patients), their number, characteristics and clinical disorder. Indicate the inclusion and exclusion criteria for participation in the study and parameters that are monitored as well as the level and location (primary, secondary, tertiary centers) where the scientific work was done (text should not be bolded!)
Results: (bolded) ... State the main results of the research. The results should be linked to the confidence intervals (typically 95%) and the exact level of statistical significance (text should not be bolded!)
Conclusions: (bolded) ... Provide only research derived conclusions and their clinical applicability. Both positive and negative results should be equally emphasized (text should not be bolded!)
Keywords: (bolded) ... Indicate 3 to 5 short phrases that reflect the content of the article. It is advisable not to repeat the words or terms used in the title (text should not be bolded!)

Instructions for abstract submission

Abstracts will be submitted exclusively on line through the form for abstract submission that is available on the website
System for on-line submission will be opened until 1st of June 2020. Any abstracts received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Abstract submitters will receive an e-mail confirmation immediately after successfully submitting their abstract.